Regional Career Pathway Infographics

The Regional Career Pathway Infographics available below are PDFs that show you the occupations and programs of study for specific career pathways in the local/regional area. 

How do they compare to the Pathway Profiles under the Discover menu? The Regional Career Pathway Infographics are edited and more concise, and more visually interesting. But both have value. For example, if you want a complete list of all occupations in a pathway, including very small occupations, and a complete list of programs, or if you want to identify programs offered in a non-North Bay geographic area, be sure and use the Pathway Profiles (under the Discover menu).

Also, when one of the infographics says "See Snapshot," that means see the Occupation Snapshot on the Career Pathways Network. You can access Snapshots (to learn more about any occupation) either through the EXPLORE (Career Pathways) or RESEARCH (Occupations) navigation options.

NCCPA Career Pathway Maps also describe specific career pathways in the local/regional area, including secondary programs of study. These maps are currently being developed by the secondary and postsecondary public schools in our region and are, therefore, works-in-progress.

Pathway Profiles (Infographics)
Ag - Plants & Animals
Ag Equipment Design, Technical Services & Operations
Animal Care & Research
Architectural Design & Pre-Construction
Banking & Loan/Credit Services
Biotechnology Research & Development
Broadcasting, Journalism & Writing
Business - General & Operations Management 
Business & Administrative Support
Business Finance & Accounting
Construction Maintenance & Operations
Construction Trades & Management
Correction Services
Counselors & Therapists
Education, Museum & Library Support Services
Educators - Early Childhood Development & Services
Educators - Teachers, Instructors & Professors
Emergency & Fire Management Services
Environmental Services
Family & Community Services
Governance, Compliance & Inspection
Health Care Diagnostic Services
Health Care Support Services
Health Care Therapeutic Services
Hospitality - Lodging
Hospitality - Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
Human Resources
Information Technology - Network Systems
Information Technology - Software Development
Insurance Services
Law Enforcement & Investigative Services
Legal Services
Manufacturing - Maintenance, Installation & Repair
Manufacturing - Production & Operations
Manufacturing - Production Process Development
Manufacturing - Quality Assurance
Marketing/Sales - Management, Communications & Research
Marketing/Sales - Marketing & Sales Workers
Natural Resources
Personal Care Services
Public Management and Administration
Recreation, Amusements & Attractions
Science, Mathematics & Social Sciences
Securities & Investments
Security & Protective Services
Telecommunications Technology
Transportation/Logistics - Equipment Maintenance & Repair
Transportation/Logistics - Operations
Transportation/Logistics - Sales & Service

NCCPA Career Pathway Maps
See here